Hottest PPC Trends to Boost your Sales

September 11, 2023

What is PPC?

Tired of waiting for your ads to show up on the first page of Google search results? We got a solution for you. Welcome Pay-per-click (in short PPC) – one of the most effective tools to get your brand noticed and boost your sales!

PPC is an advertising model in which you pay a fee each time your ads are clicked. That is how you can drive traffic and see immediate results from your ad campaigns. Also, PPC provides comprehensive opportunities over your ad budget, ad formats, and targeting options.

Catch the wave of PPC trends

Online promotion is one of the most efficient yet dynamic elements of marketing. So, it might be challenging to catch up with trends that emerge all the time. Kick back and let us introduce you to the coolest trends worth checking out!

Meet AI, your new partner in crime!

Yep, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having its shining moment even in digital marketing.

AI is on the way to help you to improve your marketing performance. It brings lots of opportunities for companies such as adjusting autonomous PPC bids and identifying their effectiveness, predicting future ad CTRs, and even consumer behavior based on historical data.

And of course, AI can do it much faster than we humans do, which makes it the perfect partner in corporate process optimization.

Record, capture, upload

Another trend that is expected to shape the digital marketing world is a voice and visual search rise. The popularity boost of smart homes and personal assistant speakers such as Siri or Alexa has skyrocketed recently. As well as a surge of visual searches by uploading pics and using them as a search query. 

a hand taking photo with a flash

These trends will significantly modify search algorithms, and you should be prepared for it. People tend to spend less time searching and getting faster answers. So, pay attention to labeling your pics correctly and using easy language in your ad campaigns.

Getting social

Still not showing off on your social media? You better do!

a person is getting impressions on social media platform

The majority of us don’t spend a day without checking them out. Moreover, we don’t use only one social media platform – we’re surfing through several of them which is a great chance for the companies to expand their marketing campaign and reach a wider audience.

So, it's time to take action. Including corporate social media in the PPC strategy offers endless opportunities for promoting and building loyalty for your brand.

Let’s make it dynamic

With today's 10-second attention spans, it's not a surprise marketers should put some additional effort into catching the target audience's attention. 

Switching from static to video creatives in your ad campaigns isn't a crazy move at all. In fact, it's a smart choice. Videos convey your message effectively, are cost-efficient, and engage viewers better. Thus, by making them a part of your PPC strategy, you can deliver all the crucial details in a brief time. 

You better run and give this cool trick a try to connect with your audience and level up your marketing performance.

Crack the mindset

GA4 is ready to help you with that! It isn't just a big update but a whole game-changer in defining a PPC strategy. The familiar metrics and terms got a fresh makeover, and some new ones were introduced, too.

a man analyzing performance on a computer

GA4's event-based systems made marketers reevaluate how they track marketing performance. Now, it's all about quality over quantity and boosting the good stuff instead of reducing the bad.

For PCC strategy development, this means it's time to shake things up. You can reconsider which KPIs to rely on and how to set them up for more effective optimization of ad campaigns going forward.

Ready, set, go

Well, how does it feel to be armed with the hottest PPC trends? We bet, like having a powerful advantage over your competitors.

But remember, the sea of digital marketing is dynamic. If you want to stay on top of the wave, you should continually evolve your marketing strategies just like a skilled surfer who adapts to the ever-changing waves. 

Anyways, don’t waste your time. Surf’s up before it’s not storming again.