How to Promote Mobile App Startups Pt. 1

November 13, 2023

The World Going Mobile

In today’s mobile-dominated world, 88% of the time that we spend on mobile devices is devoted to using apps. So, driving a successful marketing campaign is vital for reaching your target audience and driving engagement. Yet, setting up an effective mobile app campaign requires a comprehensive approach.

Imagine if you had a whole guide on how to develop your campaign to unlock your app’s potential. Actually, you don’t even need to since here it is! 

With Sensters’ profound experience in the field, we’re excited to share practical steps and insights on how to promote your mobile app startup.

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Meet Omnichannel Marketing

Ever heard of omnichannel marketing? It’s a cool way to promote the app, adopting not just one but many advertising channels for that. Plus, it comes with a bunch of benefits for your marketing strategy.

Better Target Audience Identification

Promoting the app on different platforms provides you with a deeper understanding of your audience. This way, it’s easier to reach a wider range of users and gather valuable data on their behavior, interests, and demographics. Only imagine how many insights for your marketing strategy you can gain.

Cost-Effective & High-Quality Channel

Each advertising channel has its strengths and weaknesses, and not all of them are equally effective for every mobile app. By experimenting with various channels, it’s easier to identify the most optimal one. However, starting mobile app promotion is recommended with such fundamental tools like Google, Meta, and App Store. They’re, let’s say, a timeless classic in the digital advertising world.

Scaling & Growth

Once the app has a sufficient user base, an omnichannel approach provides it with scalability and growth potential. It reaches a larger audience and boosts brand exposure leading to increased app downloads, user acquisition, and revenue generation.

Cross-Channel Integration and Involvement

Embracing omnichannel promotion creates synergies between platforms, and reinforces their messaging. This synergy boosts user engagement in ways you couldn’t achieve with a single-channel approach. It's like teamwork for your app’s success.

Match the Tool to Your Purpose

Each advertising tool has its own cool features and ways to target users, depending on what you want to achieve. We recommend using some basic tools to boost your mobile app, like Google, Meta, Spotify, TikTok, and Apple Search Ads. Let's dive in and explore how to match each of your goals with the right tool.

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User Acquisition

First things first, you need people to try out your mobile app to see if it really works. It’s impossible to do without a sufficient user base. User feedback and engagement are essential for understanding how well the app meets their needs and preferences. Pay attention to such tools as Google Universal App Campaigns (including YouTube, Google Discovery, Google PlayMarket), Meta Installs, and Apple Search Ads. These are the perfect options for attracting and building a user base.

In-App Event Optimization

To drive user engagement and achieve the conversion goals, there are three main actions to set for in-app optimization. These events embrace 80% of the most essential analytics: 

1) user registration or first visit; 

2) app logging;

3) payment/monetization tracking for both virtual and real currency. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is custom events, such as searching in the app, opening an in-game store, and others. They’re literally the treasure trove of useful analytics on in-app activities.

User Base Expansion

Once you have a sufficient and active user base, it's time to think about getting even more users. You can do that by running ads on such platforms as TikTok and Spotify. These platforms have a vast user base, strong organic reach, and a highly engaging nature. So, if you're looking to grab more user attention, these platforms are the way to go.

Get Ready For More

Congrats on nailing the basics of mobile app promotion – you’re on the right track to success! But wait… We got more tricks up our sleeve.

In the next part, we’ll dive into everyone’s least favorite part – crunching numbers and analyzing metrics. 

Scary? Don’t worry, we know how to make it not just easy but fun. So, hold on tight because your mobile app adventure is just getting started. 

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