How to Promote Mobile App Startups Pt. 2

February 16, 2024

Cracking Budgets

Hey! We’re back with some budget planning hacks, just like we promised. Figuring out the right budget is crucial but keep in mind the next thing: there is no such definition as an “optimal budget”. Each campaign is unique, so every company has to figure out how to set it for themselves. Let’s explore a couple of ways of doing that.

Analyzing Previous Marketing Efforts

If you’ve already launched the campaigns, analyze them by taking a look at the main metrics, figure out the mistakes that have been made, and define the Cost Per Install (CPI). After that, set your budget for the next round of promoting your mobile app. You can also test it with a minimal budget campaign for two weeks to shape up the CPI.

Defining an Average CPI Rate Within the Niche

If you lack experience in promoting mobile apps, calculate the budget by looking through the benchmarks. Identify the average CPI rate within the niche and set the desired number of app installs. Then, just multiply those two numbers, and you've got a budget for your campaign. But if you still have struggles with budgeting, there's a safe choice – set a daily budget of a minimum of 50 planned installs per day, multiplied by the average CPI.

Outlining an Average CPC Rate Within the Niche

If you’re totally new and don’t have a clue about the average CPI rate, here's a different way to go. Find out the average Cost-per-click (CPC) rate in your niche, consider the conversion rate and bam, you've got the numbers for your campaign budget. For some extra reassurance, launch a test campaign with a possible minimal budget for at least 2 weeks to gather all the needed metrics for further performance.

Maximizing App Success

Once that’s done, you should keep a close eye on tracking the effectiveness of promotion. This step is final, yet crucial as it allows for fine-tuning your promotional efforts and maximizes the app's reach, engagement, and overall success in a competitive market. Thus, setting up tracking analytics is the thing we recommend doing even before kicking off a marketing campaign.

Your analytics tool must be comprehensive and give you a complete overview of all the advertising channels you're using to promote your app. It should be capable of analyzing the user funnel, tracking their journey within the app, and capturing all the actions they perform while using the app. With these detailed insights, you'll really get how users behave and see how well your app is performing. We recommend using both a paid and free analytics system at the same time to compare data and eliminate discrepancies.


Ready, Set, Launch

Now you know that starting a mobile app campaign isn't a simple task and needs some professional finesse. Otherwise, if your analytics setup isn't right, you'll end up with poor data messing up your decision-making and draining your budget. So, take the time to set things up right from the beginning, and your mobile app journey will be on the path to success!